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Color A Black hat, red top & pom-pom
Price $25.00
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Like Alice, put on your Heart and check yourself out in the looking glass: you'll be wearing your heart on your, ... well, head, in this fabulous hat.

Like all our fleece hats, the Heart is made from Malden Mills' finest polyester. The heart comes in only one color combo: black with a soft, silky padded red heart top and red pom-pom accent. Its black double-thickness headband provides extra warmth. The sleeve of the hat is solidly double-stiched to the heart, so no matter how many tea parties you wear it to, it won't snag or lose its soft but supportive structure.

Best of all, you can work this baby! You know, play with it, shape it, Perch the red heart on top or tilt it at a rakish angle.

Take it from our mad hatter rabbit, just like Alice, you'll be so popular and gazed upon wherever you wear this Heart, even the Queen of Hearts herself will want to know your secret.

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