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This is an introduction to ordering hats from us. Our site is pretty straightforward, but sometimes a roadmap makes things even easier.

Here, we present a 10-point description of our site. (It only takes five clicks and tiny bit of typing to order a hat from us, but we decided to point out ten things you might find useful!)

The heart of this site are the hat pages. Here's what you'll find on each hat page.
Pictures of a hat style, and a bit of mildly flamboyant descriptive text.
A stack of hat icons to link you to any of our other hat pages.

In the middle of the page, an order form to add this hat to your order.

On the hat pages, you can click on this:

to jump to the order form.

Some entertainment (aka "the 'toon,"): our hero, Red Rabbit, up to his usual tricks.

On the hat pages, clicking:

will take you there.


Whenever you add a hat to your order, or click
your order
we'll show you a list of the hats you've chosen so far.

From this page, you can remove items from your list, jump right to a hat page to see it close up, or change your mind about who you're sending a hat to.


We save the addresses of the people you're sending hats to in your personal, private address book, and we remember it between visits to our web site.

Whenever you add a hat to your order, or when you want to change the recipient of a hat on your list, there will be an add a person link to take you to a form where you can provide name and address information about someone we don't yet know about, so we'll be able to send them your hat.


When you're done picking hats, or at least mostly done, go to your order list, click on this, send in your order and we'll take you to a complete summary of your order.


You'll see your order sorted into packages, one for each of your recipients' addresses. You can add gift cards and choose shipping options.

If you haven't provided all the address information we need, we'll leave the shipping costs blank, and won't have all the payment information displayed.

Look for the flashing symbol to see where we need more info.


After you've added any missing address information, choose a payment option at the bottom of the page.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

You can also pay with an electronic check from your checking account.


You're finished when you've clicked on a payment button. We'll present you with an on-line receipt that you can bookmark for future reference. We also send you an email receipt, if you've included your email address with your address info. We send a second email when your order ships.

(Was this tour of our site useful? We included it as a bit of an experiment, as we felt that seeing our entire order process "in miniature" might be helpful for some folks. Please let us know, as we're curious about your reaction.)

home    fleece couture

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