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hat factory
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We ship your order as soon an we finish making your hats. All our packages are sent by US mail, using either priority package service or express mail. Typically, in the continental United States, priority shipment will get your hats to you a few days after we ship them.

There will be times when we do not have the hat you've requested in stock. While we will often be able to ship your hats within a few days of receiving your order, our worst-case guarantee is that we will get you your hats within two to four weeks of the date you placed your order. Please allow enough time in your gift-giving plans to allow for this schedule.

When you select "express" shipment on our order form, you'll get faster delivery, after we make your hats. Selecting the express option will not reduce the time it takes to manufacture your hats!

Typical shipping costs in the United States are $5.00 for up to four hats by priority mail, and $10.50 for express mail.

home    fleece couture

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