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Our fleece line was designed to be stylish, warm and fun to wear. When I first started designing hats, I found that the brighter the colors and the wilder the designs, the more excited our customers became. After two years of design, sewing and real-world testing, Hat Factory is delighted to present seven hat styles to help you have some fun and warm your cockles at the same time. (That's for those of you who still own a set of cockles.) Our fleece hats are perfect for outdoor sports, and for just plain staying toasty.

These fleece hats are made from the best 100% polyester fleece fabrics. All seams are sturdy overlock stitch construction and the hats are manufactured to last a very long time. We're heartened to hear our hats have become the favorite headgear owned by many of our customers. Lots of folks come back to us each season to try new designs, or to get larger hats for their kids and grandkids as they outgrow the small ones.

I hope you enjoy wearing these hats as much as I enjoy creating them.

Our signature fleece hat.
A fanciful, wearable work-of-art hat.
Walk the Rue de la Paix in our stylish Parisian Pillbox.
The Octo. Grab it before it grabs you.
Rockin' royalty. Regal and irreverent.
For the King and Queen of hearts.
Turn up the volume. All the way to 11.

home    fleece  couture    jester  spiral  pillbox  octo  crown  heart  spike

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